Federico Pardo

Montana State University, M.F.A., Universidad de los Andes, B.S.  

Biologist, photographer and documentary director of photography currently based between the U.S and Colombia. 

Federico's work focuses on compelling human and natural history stories and he enjoys bringing an efficient and well crafted cinematography to his projects. His clients include National Geographic, Univision, Fusion/HBO, HHMI, Oxford Scientific Films, The Field Museum, DDC/Fox Digital, Humboldt Institute, Colombia Wild Magic, Proyecto Tití, Señal Colombia and Diamante Eléctrico among others. 

Winner of two Emmy awards: one for best documentary cinematography with National Geographic's Untamed Americas and another one for outstanding feature story in Spanish with “La Amazonía: Un Paraíso a La Venta,” co-produced with Univision. Winner of Smithsonian's In Motion contest and Imagine Science Films AAAS Scientist Award. 

Federico's wildlife and documentary photography has been published widely both in print and digital media and his personal work has been exhibited in renowned galleries in Bogotá and Madrid. 

In 2015 Federico co-founded the Colombian based production company Trópico Media. He also co-founded and manages the Instagram communities @everydaylatinamerica and @everydaymacondo. Federico is a member of the Colectivo +1

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